Friday, August 5, 2011

The weekend is mine!

I am so very happy that the weekend is finally here! I am off for 2 whole days! YAY!!!! Do you think I am happy about it? Well, I am! We have church Sunday night. I am looking forward to it!

I don't know what I did to this blog thing, but I do not like the way it posts now! I want to go back to the old way! It is difficult to move from one paragraph to the next.

YAY!! I figured it out! I had clicked an updated thingy and unclicked it and now I can speed type to my hearts content!!

Y'all didn't need to know about that did you. LOL!

I was checking the blog stats before I started writing, and I am in awe! I feel blessed and honored that 5022 times this blog has been read since I started writing June 1, 2010. If you are new to it, then I will tell you that the original intent of this blog was a place to write my feelings to help me deal with the death of my husband (hence the title Rick and Myra) then a friend at work who read it said she wanted to read how our story began, so I wrote that, and now I still write about my feelings around his illness and death, but I also write about my feelings in general. I have not even considered changing the name, because although he is gone, he will forever be part of me. I married him until death us do part, and tho we are now parted by death, he still is in my heart and will be for a long, long time.

So today I read something a dear friend posted on my wall:
TRUE FRIENDS are ALWAYS there for each other, thru thick and thin, work and play, laughter and tears!!!!! You don't have to see each other or talk to each other every day because you know all you have to do is call and they will be there!!
And it is so true with her and several more friends....we can go for weeks without seeing each other or calling or sometimes even months and the next time we see each other it is like no time has passed. They know all they have to do is let me know and I am there, and I know all I have to do is let them know and they are there for me too! I can think of nothing sweeter!

I would ask again for your prayers for my friends having struggles right now. I will remember them and y'all as well! We should remember each other in our prayers.
James 5:16
“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
I know I need the prayers of those I love and I try to remember those I love in my prayers. Think that is all for tonight, I hope y'all have a great weekend!

I love y'all!
To be continued..............

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