Monday, April 7, 2014

A scary week!

Last Tuesday night on my way home from work I was driving minding my own business when I casually put my hand up to my chest. The spider bite still "bothers" me in a way. It doesn't hurt, just where the bite was scarred and feels weird. Where the venom went is still discolored a lot. About 2 finger tip widths from the bite I felt a lump. It doesn't hurt, it's about pea to bean size and it's definitely there. It was about 8pm. I panicked. I'd just worked the first of a 3-day stretch. I cried and worried most of the night with very little sleep. I worked Wednesday - had someone check it who thought from it's location, it's not likely anything bad. That eased my mind enough I slept fairly well Wednesday night and on Thursday I called my Drs office. They called an order for a mammogram and ultrasound. I had the mammogram today. They took a lot of pictures, several angles, marked the lump so they could be sure they got it in the X-rays. At first after the X-rays were taken, I felt safe then a comment about going ahead with the ultrasound alarmed me. But that was not really anything bad after all. After about 10 long minutes and lots of prayer, she came back in. The radiologist saw absolutely nothing. So, the ultrasound was not needed! I am elated! It's been a long 6 days! The Lord is in control and prayers were answered! 

I love all y'all! ❤️
To be continued........