Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My new bed!

61 days until Halloween...

86 Days until Thanksgiving!

116 days until Christmas Day!
Just in case you need updating.......

So, I bought new furniture last spring. I got the living room suit and a new queen bed with a new mattress and box spring. It was something I had wanted to get for a long time. We got the king size bed when we moved in this house, and I loved the size of the bed, I had all kinds of room and when Rick was alive, we both had all kinds of room. I don't have any queen sheets, so I will have to get some soon, I have kings on there, and they are sooooo big! There is so much more room in here! I am so excited! I would like to see if it would fit in a different corner, but I don't thing there is room and I would lose my ceiling fan over the bed.....so I guess I will leave it where it is! I love it. It is so comfortable so far! Nick called me at work today and asked me if I would sleep on the couch, so he could sleep on my bed, his back was hurting and his mattress is old.....I said I might. I found this when I got home! YAY! My kids do some things for me sometimes! I do love them and Valarie cleaned the house and it actually looks clean! I am excited about that more than the new bed being put up! Hope I don't fall off the bed during the night lol!

It was a much better day today! Yesterday stressed me so terribly! I just didn't know what to do or how to handle it. It was much better today!

Bubba has a black eye. He ran into the corner of the table playing today and not watching where he was going. He is so very cute. He smiles most of the time unless he is told no, then he has a little fit, but he gets over it quickly!

I think this is about all for tonight. I hope that y'all have a great evening and wonderful rest of the week.

My cousin's son and his wife were blessed with twin sons today. They are both in the neonatal ICU. One is on the ventilator. Please remember them in your prayers. The hope is they will be breathing better in 24 hours.

I love y'all!
To be continued..............

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