Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Middle of August with Fall Like Temps!

This stuff is ragweed! I mowed through it this past Thursday! I shoulda known better. Eyes have been puffy since!

This stuff is goldenrod! This is the KY state flower! I really don't like it! It makes my eyes water and my nose run and get stuffy and I am afraid it won't let me use my CPAP when my nose is closed off from it! And it is in full bloom beside my driveway!

Well, today I decided to write to Bret Guthrie. He is our Congressman. I wrote a fairly long email to him regarding our speed limit issue on 743. I hope he helps us. I have encouraged my friends and neighbors to email him too, and a few have already! His inbox will have at least 3 or 4 emails to start his day tomorrow. I hope everyone in our area writes to him and calls KDOT! They had a KDOT car in the area today, he was radaring and counting folks as they passed. I hope it does some good!

I also did not change my mind about withdrawing my name from the manager job. I decided I just don't want that right now. There will be something come along that I do want, but that is not for me at this time. I can't see me going to class at WKU with all those kids at 52 years old. Some of it is online, but some I would need classroom to be able to understand. I am sure of that because I have tried online before.

It is a nice night outside, the moon is waning from full. The breeze is just cool enough. Too bad the mosquitoes have to bite! I have been sitting out there trying to meditate about our upcoming pastor election. I just don't know. I have a slight impression, just like last year, and last year I felt it was just too light. That person is who came in. I will continue to meditate and pray about it, and if it gets stronger, I will go that way, and if it does not, I will keep my seat just like last year.

I love y'all!
To be continued............

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