Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feeling better!

Stress test = anxiety! I think I was as nervous about having to have an IV placed 2 consecutive days for this stress test as I was worrying about whether or not I could walk it. Well, The Lord was with me and those helping me. Only one stick each day AND successful placement both times! AND I got to my goal heart rate on the treadmill with no ischemia on the EKG or scan after. That is great. I did cough a lot as soon as my heart rate raised above 100. I could feel slight throat pressure. It comes from the diastolic heart failure (Google it) that I've been treated for almost 2 years. This means I need my medicine adjusted. What I'm on has been working for me at least symptom - wise until the first of the year. The shortness of breath returned with a vengeance. I felt lucky I had the appointment the day after it was at its worst. So for now I'm taking my Lasix every day to help keep fluid down, nitro when I need it and in 2/14 Dr Lin will change, increase or add something to help. In the meantime, I am feeling somewhat better- the Lasix is helping. 

My problems are nothing compared to what some folks very dear to me are going through though. Sweet Brittany lost her dad last night. They were so close. Please remember her and her family in your prayers!!

My friend Penney's mom has cancer- lung cancer and it seemed the end was very near- she began coughing up blood- quite a lot of blood- the cancer dr decided to try a bit of chemo again and The Lord decided to grant a little more time. Penney's mom is precious. Please remember that family in your prayers!! 

The Muhlenberg county family that lost 9 members last last week also need your prayers! The 2 survivors remain in  VUMC and it's my understanding the father may not survive. That family definitely needs prayer and anything you can do to help them! Losing all your possessions in a fire is devastating enough; losing most of your family has to be unbearable! 

We had church today at Miller Hill. Good preaching today. I've been meditating since I got home about it; I am sure if I follow my heart it will turn out as it is meant to. It's not for me to decide. The Lord will work His will. I just have to obey. I ask for your prayers too that I follow my heart and do His will, not mine! I don't want to do anything on my own- ONLY with His guidance!

I love all y'all!❤️
To be continued.......