Monday, November 19, 2012


I am thankful for God, my Church, family, friends, job, food on my table, roof over my head, clothes to wear, shoes, warm place to sleep, medicine, health, memories, good times and bad, all the "events" in my life- they have made me who I am today, TV to watch, the Thankful For Facebook posts and all those who are participating, holidays, Christmas-time, grandbabies, my kids, Rick's son and his family, that we lived in the different places we lived, friends I have met on Facebook who I never would have known had it not been for Facebook, my Keurig, coffee, Coke Zero, our dentist, my doctors, the list goes on and on and on......


Cousins, neighborhood friends, playing out until dark, Barbies, playing Lost in Space, throwing a "Frisbee" at Doug, do you still have the scar? Memories of cheer leading in seventh and eighth grade, my uniform is still at Mom's, that I was raised where and when I was by who raised me, my grandparents, ice cream from the freezer in the entry hall at Mammaw James' house, all my "uncles" on my dad's side (blood, there is only one, but many good family friends/cousins who are/were like family), running Greg's head through a glass door (supposed to hit the wood part, he raised up too soon), the Dunn's who bought the store from Lelan and Jean, my first car... a 1963 black 2 door Ford Mercury  Big old car. My uncle gave it to me. 

This isn't the car but a close resemblance. The back window rolled down. It was electric. It was a great car. I sold it to Bobby Webb so he could race it when I started to nursing school. 

I just knew the lid to this thing would make a great Frizbee..... it didn't. 

Donny Osmond, 45's, Beatles, LP's (later called albums), Tiger Beat, Emergency!, Hee Haw, the Walton's, Dallas, Knotts Landing, Andy Griffith, Happy Days, 

Pray. Remember those who need remembering in your prayers. 

I love all y'all!
To be continued......

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