Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13 ~ Thankful for a warm home

Today my Thankful For post was having a warm home. So many people don't have a roof over their head, let alone a warm home. I am grateful that I have that. When you go to town and drive down old Louisville Road across the State Street Bridge, you can see people walking around there. Some of them are homeless. They live under the bridge. I don't know their circumstances. I am so very thankful that I don't have to live there. I am sure some would say they brought it on themselves. I have to say, with the economy these days, but for the grace of God go I. That slogan is very true.  I am thankful that today, I have a roof over my head and food for my table. And I can share a little food with my friends if they need it.

I believe my UK CATS lost tonight. They played well though with a freshman team. They will be our CATS before we know it! WKU won tonight. Toppers are looking good. Don't get me started on UofL though.

Can you say overtime? I had balloon pump call today. Thanks to having 3 to start the day off with, I went in for the whole 12 hours. We ended the shift with 2 pumps still in. My Christmas list will be thankful for the OT next week. HaHa.


The images above represent the device that causes us to have to work an extra shift from time to time. The device is placed through the femoral artery and you can see it lies very close to the heart. The machine in the first picture causes helium to be pushed into the balloon and withdrawn synchronized with each heartbeat. It is a delicate procedure and though it is "routine" to us, it is something that just anyone can't take care of. Specialized training is required before caring for these patients.

I would ask you to remember those who need prayer. God knows all about it.

I love all y'all!
To be continued..........

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