Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12

Today I am thankful for umbrellas. Yes, umbrellas, since it was raining cats, dogs, kittens and puppies this morning when I had to go in from the car to the hospital and you know how far we have to walk!

Now, the walk doesn't hurt us at all, it is when we have to walk in the rain that hurts. You get wet and it takes a while to dry out. That's ok, though. We made it.

Today is also my cousin's birthday. My older cousin that is. Happy Birthday Donna Jean! I love you!

Today I am also thankful for hot coffee and my keurig. It is always on and the water is always hot waiting for me each morning when I get up. I can have a freshly brewed cup of coffee, fixed just how I like as quickly as I can put 2 sweet and lows in the cup and push a button. Instant practically. YUM! I almost look forward to getting up lol.


Nurses are often thankful to caffeine-containing beverages. Gotta have energy to keep going and going sometimes. I did work today, and I am on IABP call tomorrow and guess what! There are three pumps so I will most likely be traveling in to the hospital tomorrow morning. I just went into the living room a few minutes ago to set the TV for the night and guess who came bouncing down the stairs. Yes, that is right, Miss Luna. And she is still in there running and bouncing around the living room. Hopefully, she will settle down and get on to sleep. I plan to, I am tired. And tomorrow will be a long day.

I love all y'all
Keep posting the thankful for posts please, I really enjoy reading them!

Please keep the Wolf, Jaggers and Priddy families in your prayers and anyone else you know who is struggling.

To be continued..............

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