Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21 Do you believe in Angels?

Today's thankful for post was that I was thankful for being on call, I will now have a few days off! I can't imagine they will call me in at this point in the day! Yay!

I was watching a tv show today that was talking about angels. I wonder how many people actually do believe in angels. I do. I have almost seen what I can only describe as an angelic being that I only caught a quick glimpse of. It made such an impression on me. I know my co-workers didn't believe me. Many people reading this likely won't believe it either. But it's as true as can be. Our unit was 14 beds, seven on a side. I was the only one on the back side one day during lunch. Several rooms were empty, and I was at the desk charting. Out of the corner of my good eye, I caught a glimpse of this billowing beautiful peaceful image. I can only describe it as angelic. When I actually turned to see what was there, there was nothing there. The patient was unresponsive and had been for many days. She woke that afternoon in time for visiting time. She got to tell her daughters good bye. True story from many years ago.

Mind you, this, of course is not the same thing I saw, but the imagery is the same. The billowing , the brightness, the light was very similar. You tell me. I was wide awake!
Another instance of angels in our lives was when Nick was six years old. He went fishing on Sunday before Memorial Day. There was an accident. He was completely submerged except for his little hand sticking up out of the water and he was trapped. He was there several seconds-like 2 or 3 minutes worth. Rick had to drive the truck off him. First thing he said to his dad was: "Daddy, I don't need CPR!" Now, if that isn't the child of a nurse. But seriously, Rick threw him in the truck and brought him to me. I met them at the end of the road and took Nick on to the ER. His clothes were shredded off him. He was bleeding from his knee. He told me on the way to the hospital that he knew he would be OK, that his guardian angel was with him and told him he would be OK. He proceeded to describe my Papaw James to a tee. To my knowledge, Nick has never to this day ever seen a picture of Papaw. He described his bald head, the knot on the side of his head (Nick has one just like it). He described Khaki clothes. Papaw always wore Khaki.

When Rick was very near death several years before the tumor, he had a bowel obstruction. Norma was with us at the hospital. Rick was very, very sick. There was just a peaceful, calmness that came by while we were waiting for the nurses to take care of him. He was a lost man at that time. It would be 3 more years before he would be saved in his garden. He felt the calm too.

The Bible is full of scripture referring to angels. God said He never changes. So, if there were angels then, why not now?

I believe. Do you? You don't have to believe. One day we will know for sure.

Please remember those in your prayers that need to be remembered. Remember me. I will remember you.

I love all y'all!
To be continued......

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