Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waiting is the hardest part...........

I think there is a song by that same name! Tomorrow I find out about the CT scan report, which I am sure will be fine, next step after that is Dr. Phillips and then an eye doctor if the blurred vision continues. Nick has been hovering around me since I came home yesterday. He says he isn't worried, but he has been close by and hasn't done that in months.

Today Perry went for his one year check up. He is healthy. Poor lil guy, got 3 shots and had a hemaglobin and lead level blood test. He just cried and didn't understand why they were hurting him. Then he went to have some food. He did better with his needle sticks today than his gamma did yesterday! Sweet baby boy! He hasn't had a bottle in a week, he is doing well with that. I am proud of him.

I think this is a short post for tonight. Have a good night, sleep well.

To be continued..........

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