Saturday, October 16, 2010

Babies are not babies anymore....they are toddlers!

So, October Rose was two years old two days ago. Perry will be one year old in 6 more days! He could walk if he would just do it, he stands there alone, thinking about how he wants to get where he is going and down he goes and crawls much faster than he could walk. He has 6 teeth in really good, has 2 more on the bottom that are through the gums and eats everything he can find! Later today we will be having a birthday party for the both of them together. A friend is making the cakes, I know they will be great. We have lots of food planned. I just can't believe they are so big. Perry was just one month old when we found out how sick Rick was. They really didn't have a chance to get to know each other. He was just 7 weeks old when Rick had surgery and 3 months old when Rick went to the hospital for the last time. Perry seemed so much smaller than October. He seemed so much more fragile than his sister too. Rick was almost afraid of him. He was wanting to wait until Perry was a little bigger before he held him. Maybe it was the tumor. He held Tobi from the first time we met her. She looks at his picture, she says "papaw" and wants to call him. I have not turned off his cell phone. I call it from time to time just to hear his voice. I am not alone. His Aunt Bonita calls him, Beverly and Teresa still call him, Brent calls him, Alan calls him. We just want to hear his voice. And for the price, I may never turn it off. It is worth $10.00 a month just to hear his voice.

So, today we will have babies, great grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and others here to celebrate these two precious babies birthdays. I just thought about something! I don't have any birthday candles! Oops! I hope Keith has them otherwise I will be going back to BG once again! I also have to make a pot of chili. I am looking forward to that. I love making chili and the babies (parents) will be carving little pumpkins to take home. I hope that works out well. Gotta little more cleaning to do if I can motivate my daughter. It is her stuff!

We will post birthday pictures later if you are interested. I also have church tonight and tomorrow. Busy weekend!

To be continued.....
Love you all.....

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