Friday, October 22, 2010

I had a first (or maybe second) today!

So I woke early this morning at 5 am, was lying there waiting for AM KY to come on and actually drifted back to sleep. Next thing I know it is 0715 and my phone is ringing.....I look at the caller ID and it says CCU. I say, hello. Voice on the other end says are you on your way? I say on my way where? Voice says in to work? Oops! I guess either I'd forgotten or didn't realize I had overtime scheduled this week! Oops. I say I will be there before 8am -so sorry! as I am turning on the shower, getting clothes together while water warms up, brush teeth while waiting too to help speed up the process! Voice on the other end laughing says it's OK we will see you soon, don't worry, don't speed! That was very good of her! She could have been seriously mad! She lives in Allen County. She has been there around a year or so, good nurse. I enjoy following her. We share patients a lot lately. I would let her take care of my family. And I did make it by 8 am and everything was good. I can't remember ever doing this before. I have gone in and not been scheduled, but I think this was a first in 32 years. I hope I never do this again. If any of you reading this who know me can remember this happening, refresh my memory. It seems like maybe one time a long time ago, but I just don't remember for sure. So, this is a first or second experience that I hope I never repeat!

I went outside this morning and found that our trash (which is seriously overflowing from the birthday party) didn't get collected yesterday and the dogs had gotten into it. Grr! Phone call to trash people: my trash didn't get collected yesterday and everyone else's on my road did (and my bill is paid thru the end of the year). Them: OK someone will collect it today! And they did! I am impressed! Go SCOTT! They came all the way back here for just me! I was prepared to risk burning the trash or something. And I didn't have to. YAY Scott!

At 0815 I called Dr. Phillips' office and explained the situation how I forgot I had to work and needed to move my appointment. No problem! I will see him on Monday.

I stopped by the fire department for a bowl of chili on the way home tonight. It is a beautiful full moon, very bright, no clouds to obscure the view and a nice chill to the air. Great night for a hay ride and trip to the haunted house! They are having a great turnout! I hope they do well.

This is all for tonight.

I love you all.

To be continued..............

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