Monday, October 4, 2010

My Little Witch

This really is my little angel. She is giving me a "hard look" which is a new face she has learned to make. She has it down pat too! She can make a fish face, and puts her fingers in her mouth at the corners, pulls down and sticks out her tongue when you tell her to make a face at someone. That "hard look" thing is a common trait of my side of the family, I don't know if it is Bird or Stice or whoever Ma Birds mom was or Pa Birds mom was......but it is a common look for sure. That look has gotten me in so much trouble over the years and most of the time I didn't even know I was giving it! My dad has it, his mother had it, her mother (Ma Bird). Pa Bird was so mild mannered. I barely remember him. He died when I was about 3. Anyway, October is trying on her Halloween costume. See her green hair? I couldn't believe she would leave that on but she did! She also has on a green skirt. She is a darling.....except for our first experience with a tantrum last evening. She didn't wanna go to the potty and she didn't wanna change into a diaper. So, she laid on the floor, crying NOOOOOO, momma, NOOOOO head on her little arms and was kicking her legs. We just let her lay there until she finished. I got so tickled and so did Valarie.

I am so excited in a way. I found out today something I should have already known. It is my Thanksgiving off! And my brother and his family are coming in from Ohio! I am off the weekend after too so I will get to see them some! Usually I am working when they are here! I do wish they would move back here. They have lived in Ohio for about 17 years give or take 6 months or so..... Doug's wife Donita is a nurse and their daughter in going to nursing school. The hard part about Thanksgiving will always be that Rick's birthday was November 27. Every so many years Thanksgiving is on his birthday. This year it is the Saturday after. And November 23 was when the tumor was found. I know you are probably tired of reading about this but it is part of me and why I started this blog to begin with......dealing with MY feelings surrounding my husbands illness and death. I seem to be finding that I am dealing with it a little better right now. I hope that trend continues. I am crying a little less. I think that is good. Don't get me wrong, there is not a day goes by that I don't remember him. I think about him every morning when I wake up alone and every night when I lay down to sleep. Sometimes I hear his footsteps, they were distinct. Or I hear him drop the remote in the living room, or I hear him say "Myra" the way he always did when he needed me. I still have his cell phone activated, I call it sometimes just to hear him say "God loves you, have a nice day" in his voice mail message. If you want, you can call it, it won't bother me at all! His phone battery ran down a long time ago. It won't ring here. It does my heart good to hear his voice and I may never cancel the number.

I have prayer requests. Please remember a friend from high school hurt in a tractor accident and a friend from first grade whose husband is in serious condition in Louisville. Please mention them to the Lord when you pray. Thanks!

I love you all.

To be continued......................

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  1. I love reading your blog it makes me remember things that I had forgotten and also little things I didn't know and am glad your sharing. We all will always remember Rick and what a wonderful person he was.I still have a message he left on my phone and still listen to it, he will always be missed!