Monday, October 18, 2010

My day today!

So today I had to go to employee health for issues with my vision this morning. Whew! I really hate needles and she ordered blood tests, which with my terrible veins took 2 sticks to get the blood, then when I got back over there she decided to order a CT scan of my head which required another stick. Took two sticks to get the IV in there too! My veins are little, torturous and difficult to find. But Rusty got the IV started and the scan was completed. I did find out there is a brain under there after all! Now I have to play the waiting game to find out the results. Which, by the way, I expect to be fine. I think this is lack of sleep combined with stress and maybe something to do with my age. The results should be ready by Wednesday when I go back. In the meantime I am supposed to "take it easy." I will try.

The problem with my vision started this morning when I got up. I put on my glasses, but things were so blurred still that I thought I didn't have them on. I went on to work, but while driving there, I had 2 episodes of double vision. They were brief, but I did experience that. So, since my vision was also blurred, I decided to check it out. I have always had problems with my eyes since before I started school. I have a condition called amblyopia and I have always known that I had no depth perception to speak of, difficult to angle park and more difficult to parallel park simply because I can not tell where I am in relation to the other vehicles. It looks like I am inches from them, get out of the car and look and I am inches alright 18 to 24 inches from them. The following is an exert from wikipedia concerning amblyopia:

Many people with amblyopia, especially those who are only mildly so, are not even aware they have the condition until tested at older ages, since the vision in their stronger eye is normal. However, people who have severe amblyopia may experience associated visual disorders, most notably poor depth perception. Amblyopes may suffer from poor spatial acuity, low sensitivity to contrast and some "higher-level" deficits to vision such as reduced sensitivity to motion.[5] These deficits are usually specific to the amblyopic eye. Amblyopes also suffer from problems of binocular vision such as limited stereoscopic depth perception and usually have difficulty seeing the three-dimensional images in hidden stereoscopic displays such as autostereograms.[6] However perception of depth from monocular cues such as size, perspective, and motion parallax is normal.

I also thought the song Double Vision by Foreigner was appropriate. Please enjoy. Also of note, in 2 days marks the 26th anniversary of my meeting Rick in my living room, thanks Clay Diamond!
To be continued........

I love you all.

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