Monday, October 25, 2010

❤ Olivia Lorene or Wesley Richard?

Valarie had her ultrasound today. We got to see the new little baby. It's heart rate was 141. Could it be Wesley Richard or will it be Olivia Lorene? Only time will tell! And to make it very ironic, the person doing Valarie's ultrasound today did my first ultrasound when I was about 12 weeks along with her. Donna worked in x-ray at the Medical Center back then. She was learning to do ultrasounds and practiced on me. We were buddies back then and just lost track of each other. Anyway, it was good to see her today.

I went to see Dr. Phillips this morning for a follow up. He looked at everything, asked questions and told me that the blurred vision and double vision a week ago today was most likely a migraine even though I really didn't have a headache. I haven't really had any problems with headaches in 25+ years. The way he explained it made a lot of sense. He's a pretty sharp doc. Rick really liked him. He was the one who found him when we moved back up here and needed a family doctor. He has always been supportive and helpful with everything we have gone through over the 16 years we have been going there.

Tobi was so sweet this morning, she was going around calling "Nick, Nick, where where you at?" in her soft very southern drawl. She is so cute.

Perry loves his gamma. He runs to me laughing. I love both the babies so much!

To be continued.

I love you all................

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