Sunday, October 17, 2010

ღUsual Sunday with exceptions......

So this morning started out a usual Sunday, just like most that are my weekend off....up by 7am with coffee, maybe 2 cups then off to Nana's (my mom's) aka Nanny by Tobi and Lil man for Sunday morning breakfast just as we have been doing since 1990. Can't say we have been there every Sunday, but most! When the kids were little, Rick would load them up and go on without me if I was working. He loved to go to Nana's for 'cat-head' biscuits as he called them and gravy and whatever other stuff she always fixes! The picture posted with this blog entry is from one of the last Sunday mornings Rick got to spend at Nana's. Nana was the name Val gave my mom when she started talking. Even Rick called her that. I miss him!

This morning was a bit different from that point on. On my way home this morning, found first responders from WVFD at a residence, so I stopped to lend a hand. I love being a first responder, but haven't really been responding for almost a year. Just had a hard time with it. Rick loved the fire department so much, and it is hard to continue. On with this unusual day. So I stopped by the department and helped fill out the run report. Next, I discovered it was 10 am by now and church is in one hour, so I went on home, jumped in the shower and while I was getting ready for church, Val yelled at me through the door to come help her open some of the toys the babies received as gifts yesterday at their party. I told her I would after church.

Knock, knock on my door.

"Mom!" in a trembling voice....."I need you to come here now, I'm hurt!" OK, where? Now crying with voice quivering and sounding very afraid "I'm bleeding!" OK mind you that she in 3 or 4 months pregnant right now and I have a terrible history of miscarriage.......where I asked.....quivering voice "I stabbed myself in the leg! Come here Please!" OK, let me find something to put on, (I am still getting ready for church). I go out to the living room and there are a few spots of blood on her leg and a 1 inch hole in her jeans. "Take me to the ER!" I said let me see it.....At first glance, I thought she needed stitches, there was a lot of blood and at first I thought she did need stitches. I told her to call Nana and have her come to the babies and I got some bandages and stuff to clean the wound with. I called Sandy and told her I would not be at church today, and why. Then I cleaned up the wound. It seemed deep with a large clot, I am still thinking stitches. And maybe we should have but after I cleaned it up and it was no longer bleeding we decided to butterfly close it and covered it with a medicated band-aid. It will leave a little scar, but I think it will be OK. I had to go to Bowling Green to get some closure devices for this wound, and medicated band-aids and she cried like a 2 year old to go with me. It was like she was a small child again, Tobi's size. I took her with me. Big baby.

I love you all and I miss Rick.

To be continued.....

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