Friday, November 4, 2011

A much better day!

I want to say thanks to all y'all for the love and support last night! I appreciate all the comments and suggestions! Today, she's acting like nothing is wrong. Typical! I'm sorry if I worried anyone! Sometimes I just have a slight meltdown. I'm OK!

I am enjoying the posts daily of thanks made by all y'all! Keep posting!

Today was a much better day! We took my car to the doctor, and "Dr. Steve" diagnosed it with a "busted coolant tank" and he will do surgery on it on Monday and replace the coolant tank! Sanders' Radiator Repair is a great place! My father-in-law started the business. Steve's dad bought it eventually. It has kept the Sanders name all these years. Rick worked there when his dad owned it. Thanks Wilson's!

Here is a quote from a "Sister's in Christ" inspirational 'thingy' that posts on my wall every day. I love what they have to say!
Not my will, but Yours, God, be done. I need less of me and more of You.~~Joselyn~~
I will end tonight with please remember each other in prayer.

I love all y'all!
To be continued.............

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