Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just when.....

Just when I think things are turning in the right direction life comes along and slaps me in the face. I try to help someone and all I get is grief and drama. And it is my own child. I don't know what I am suppose to do. Do I make her leave? How can I put out those babies? Where would they go and what would happen. How do you make a grown soon to be 26 year old listen to reason. I don't think it is too much to ask to keep her area clean. I really don't. If she spent 1/10 the energy cleaning up after herself and the babies that she puts into her drama, she'd have all kinds of free time. When she came back I told her no, my nerves can't handle it. She came anyway. I don't understand. I really don't. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them!

To make matters worse, my car is acting up again! I don't know what to do there either! I guess it goes back to the radiator shop tomorrow!

I am 52 years old. I have raised my family. It is time for me to have a quiet life for however long I have left.....hopefully by family history at least 35 or 40 more years.....I just want peace! I don't want to step on toys and have to watch every step. I don't want to hear crying at all hours of the day/night every day! I don't want the phone to ring at all hours of the night. I don't want to come home and find every light on in the house. I want the trash taken out BEFORE the truck comes, not after! And if you cook, I want you to clean it up. If you do laundry, then do laundry. Don't leave it in the machines for me to remove! When I go to the fridge to get milk for my coffee, I actually want to find milk in there. Am I asking too much? I don't think so!

Sorry, I had to write this!

I love all y'all!
Even my kids!
To be continued..............

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