Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, what would we ever do without friends? I know there is no way I could have made it the past two years without my friends. And 2 of them are celebrating birthdays! Sandy celebrated on Friday. She was one of my rocks when Rick was so sick. She was there the day of surgery. She was there like ESP or something every time something went bad. She knew when things were bad and I would look up and there she was. I hope that nothing ever happens where I would need to be that rock for her, but if it did happen, God forbid, that I would be there! Then there is Norma. Norma is my friend since the first day we bought this farm. We met her and her husband while working on the property. They were out riding four wheelers. They had this big black lab named Kota. She was a sweet heart of a dog, and Nick loved her, really he did. The first time they met though, Kota thought he wanted to play. She sure did. But she didn't know Nick had just been flogged by Mr. Smith's banty rooster. Bless his heart. He did come to love her, though and we all cried when she died. Anyway, Norma's birthday is Sunday. We can go for weeks and weeks without talking or seeing each other, but if one needs the other, we are always there. She was there for us through Rick's illness, she, Jimmy and Aidan came to the hospital in Nashville the day of surgery, she visited, checked on my dog and Val and her babies often. If I called her at 2 am and she had been up 2 days, she would still come to me. And I would her!

I don't mean to leave out anyone who came to the hospital, anyone who stayed, came to Nashville or anything, it is just that these two have birthdays (had yesterday and have tomorrow)--I want to mention that! Everyone who came by or whispered a prayer or checked on something for us, or checked on us through someone else, or just offered to, who asked about us, who stayed to let me come home for a shower and change of clothes, you are all special too! We could not have made it without any of you! And I still feel the strength of prayers! I couldn't make it today without it!

Sandy, I saw your birthday pictures, glad you had a great time! Norma, Happy Birthday tomorrow.......we have been at this 20 years next month! Can you believe it?! Happy Birthday to my friends. I love you both more than I could ever tell you!

I love all y'all!
To be continued............

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