Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So tired and so full of emotion

Bubba sitting with mommy at Hardees waiting for Brandon to get off work

I was thinking about how tired I felt this morning when I got up. I slept fairly well for me, but I am still so very tired. It is about all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. I went to the Dr. today to get some idea of what is wrong, but I actually go tomorrow.....oh well! I haven't felt like doing much today, got my clothes out of the dryer and that is about it. I don't know if something is wrong or I am just old and this is something I have to get used to. Hopefully I will get a few answers tomorrow.

One reason I am tired today is I worked 88 hours in the past 2 weeks. I usually work 72, so that is a lot for me! Another reason I am tired is, I think, because of the emotional drain this part of July has for me.

Tobi feeding little Olivia

Tomorrow Olivia will be 2 months old. I see her in pictures since they don't live with me now, I don't get to see them much. I miss my babies a lot but I also enjoy having my house back!

Tobi loves to 'swim'

They grow so fast. The little girl in Florida whose mom was charged with her murder was about Tobi's age when she was killed. I don't know how anyone could hurt a child! They depend on us for everything! I only hope the mom is not guilty since the jury found not guilty on most counts. She and God know.

I made it through Sunday at work. It was a difficult day for me, but you probably would not have known by looking at me. Sometimes I can not hide my feelings, but I do try even when I feel like I am about to fall apart inside. I just keep it to myself and share it here but that is about all. I think if I talked about it, I would melt down. And I can't do that.

I love y'all
To be continued...........

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