Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A few answers!

So I got a call from Dr. Warren's office. It seems I have obstructive sleep apnea. I stopped breathing 47 times each hour with 'waking episodes' with each of these. I don't remember waking that much and considering there are only 60 minutes in each hour that doesn't leave much time for sleep! No wonder I am tired! I go back at some point for more testing with a cpap machine. We will see if that makes it better! I believe this explains why I feel so very tired, the ankle swelling and the palpitations. My oxygen level also dropped to 82% on several occasions. That is fairly low considering we always want it above 90% (and for someone with "normal lungs i.e. no lung disease from smoking we like it 95% or better). We will see what happens! I am excited at the prospect of feeling better!

Another reason for being so tired is we went from 2 to 6 in the house in the past couple of weeks with me telling her no the whole time Val has come back with 3 babies. I am having trouble with the mess. It is hard to keep up with 3 under 3. At least Tobi is potty trained right now. But Bubba isn't yet, and it is difficult for her to keep up and with the lack of sleep my nerves are having trouble dealing with the crying and terrible 2's. And somehow it's my fault! I don't understand the younger generation! I told her no, yet here she is! I know she felt like she didn't have any other place to go, but as her dad told her this is not a flop house. She made these choices, I didn't make them for her. Now I have to live with her choices! I love the babies, but I raised mine. I should not have to go through this every day I have off! I am at a loss what to do really. She has no job, her choices of men have not been great, at least Brandon worked. But where is the child support? Where is help with the extra electric and water. She does provide food for them, but my electric and uses my appliances in ways I don't like! I don't use them that way and expect her not to. I have told her, she just gets mad and I am being picky. And I cart her around, do I get a thank you? or gas money? No. I get yelled at because she doesn't know where she is going, I take her where she told me she needed to go, and it was wrong. I went 10 miles out of my way had I known where she really needed to go I could have gotten there so much quicker!

Sometimes I want to sell it all and move to town in a tiny one bedroom. That is all I need. One bedroom for me. Period. Then no one can move in with me. The thought has crossed my mind (and Nick's)! It looks more appealing every hour of this day!

I love y'all!
To be continued..............

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