Friday, July 22, 2011


One hundred fifty five days to Christmas Day....just a reminder.....

Today was a good day, scheduled the second part of my sleep study tomorrow night. I will arrive there at eight thirty, they will settle me in and wire me for sound literally! Then they will put a mask over my face that fits very tight and there will be a continuous flow of air with pressure to keep me from snoring and keep me breathing while I sleep. My brain waves will be monitored and my oxygen level will be monitored the whole night. I should find out what will help and hope that I get a good result. It is my understanding that I will sleep well for the first time in years! Also found out about the other labs today. Everything was good, no changes needed in the synthroid dose. I do have to take big doses of Vitamin D again, but that is not a big deal, very easy to do. I might take a picture of myself wired up, we will see, I might not post it if it is too hideous...

The heat must break! It wears me out just walking to the car in this, and the sun is low in the evening and low in the morning, I can't take the humidity.

It is a quiet evening in the house, watching Criminal Minds right now, counting down the minutes until Blue Bloods comes on. Great show! If you like Tom Selleck at all, you will love it! I think it is some of his best work Jesse Stone is also a great character for him, but that series is just Sunday night movies once or twice a year. Blue Bloods is every Friday night!

I think this is all for tonight!

Have a great and blessed weekend! Remember the revivals going on in area.

I love y'all!
To be continued...................

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