Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today, I was checking my email, something I do very little of since I got facebook, anyway there was an email from my cousin, Donna who had taken a picture of Rick and me at a homecoming at Goodsprings in 2002. It was a very pleasant surprise! I really was glad to see it!

This was taken this morning at my mom's in the front yard by my sis-in-law of the four of us. This doesn't happen too often because one of us doesn't live here anymore......from left to right is of course me, I am the oldest; Bruce who is number three, Greg who is second, and last but not least Doug. Doug and his family live in Ohio. They are considering moving back in the next couple of years! I am hopeful that will happen. Doug always wanted to be called "Baby Doug" when he was a toddler. Bubba reminds me so much of Doug at that same age. One day I will get pictures scanned in of us when we were kids.

And this was taken at breakfast this morning. I don't know if they planned to dress alike or not. LOL. Doug said he looked better in his shirt than Bruce.

So today we made memories and I was blessed to relive memories. It is a good day!

Family is what makes the world go around!

I love y'all!
To be continued.............

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