Thursday, July 14, 2011

More thoughts, look out!

Before you read this blog post, remember this is my blog and I will write what I feel and think every time I post! You have the right not to read it! You also have the right to your own beliefs. These are mine!

Today I overheard some comments that just broke my heart. I hope the person was not serious! It is not my place to judge that person, I just have my own views which I am entitled to just as they are. I still love the person who made the comments, I just worry where priorities are in these instances! And on that note to quote a friend......I was also thinking, if you saw my facebook posts you know, am I old fashioned to think that people should have morals and manners? Whew! And how about professionalism? And I don't just mean nurses! I heard on Good Morning America this morning that the President slammed back his chair and stormed out of a meeting yesterday! He is our leader and that behavior seems like kindergarten! If Tobi Rose did that I would spank that butt! And threatening to take away social security and the pay to our soldiers if the debt ceiling isn't within our means! When Clinton was president this country was in excellent shape, gas prices were reasonable, cost of living was great, and then it changed and it seems there is no hope for it to ever return to those good times. Yes, he was a cheat on his wife, but he was a great president! In 2004 gas was$1.59 a gallon, the highest it had been in years, I'd give anything to go back to that! And while I'm at it, gas went up 20 cents while I was in town, do you think it has anything to do with the corvette homecoming this weekend? If it goes down after the weekend we will know won't we!

So what is this world coming to? I mean really! Children tell their parents what they are going to do, no consequences for actions, spout out if you spank me I will report you and the parent is too afraid of the government to correct the child! What is going on? If I said something like that to my parents I can assure you it would not have happened again! And if I misbehaved at school or church, I would not look forward to time to go home! I believe in spanking a child. I am not talking about abusing the child, but spanking with an open hand to the butt will get their attention. Time out just doesn't cut it. And in the mall or walmart or grocery store how the children act and the parents just look the other way...yelling and screaming tantrums! Mine did not do that to me, they tried on my mom, only once though!

And then there are road rules and keeping right and how to walk and while I am at it, walking through someone's cigarette smoke annoys me to no end. I believe they have the right to smoke if they choose, lots of my own family do, but they don't have the right to make me breathe in that nasty smoke! So I think they should have to smoke away from public walkways and public entrances. I am not taking away from their right to smoke, just don't make me breathe it in..... and while I'm at it walk to the right, use your turn signals when you drive and stay out of the left lane if you are not gonna go at least the speed limit! Whew! I have quite a soapbox. And no, no one peed in my cheerios this morning, it all started with a conversation I overheard and a song called "My Sherona!" Memories of an earlier time in my life when life was simple. All I had to worry about was work, sleep and rent. Would I trade and go back? NO! I love my family....all of them, in laws, former in laws, outlaws and all, (except maybe for one or two..... and I don't hate them, just don't want to deal with them)

And if you say how you feel you are labeled as too conservative or too christian (Lord help) or too much of a stick in the mud or old fashioned or what ever, I just believe there it a right and a wrong and if we don't get America back on track, she is gonna fall! Just like Sodom and Gomorrah!

One more thing, check the mirror before you go out, and if it doesn't fit, don't wear it! And I don't think I want to see your PJ's at the mall or Wal Mart or Kroger.....just saying.....

I love y'all!
To be continued...................

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