Sunday, December 9, 2012

My babies, two of them anyway...

Photo: My princess    Photo: He went to sleep with his thumb in his mouth. He's so sound asleep his thumb fell out.  Gotta love Bubba!

Today I went to breakfast as usual at Nana's. I stayed with the babies so Nana could go to church this morning. They were pretty good, Tobi Rose wouldn't let me take her picture tho. Bubba couldn't help it, he fell asleep in Papaw's chair. He had that thumb in his mouth as usual and fell so sound asleep it fell out. He snores a little too. Sweet boy!

It is raining! With lightening and thunder and it is interfering with the satellite signal. I am trying to watch a movie Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith on TBN. I have watched this movie every year at this time of year since Rick and I married. It is a good movie, don't know about some of the scenes though. Don't recognize it from the Bible. But it is a good movie anyway. The heaviest of the rain is still a ways away! And it is also interfering with the digital signal on network TV. I used to have so many channels with good reception. Now, since digital signal, I only get the stations occasionally. Nothing is consistent. My antenna never moves and some days I have good signal and some days I have none. Why can't people leave well enough alone!

Please continue to remember the Priddy's, Wolf's, now Stices in your prayers as well as Mark Meeks family, I understand he lost his mother. 

Please remember the reason for this blessed season!
I love all y'all!
To be continued.............

Just me, Myra

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