Thursday, December 13, 2012

Memories come back in the strangest ways...

I was just playing on the computer, looked at the date and viola! It hit me. It is Pearl's birthday today. She doesn't have facebook, and I failed to mail her a card. Maybe I will call her later today if I can find her number. She is the "oldest" member of our group. Our group was four of us. Pearl Logsdon, Sandy Thompson, Beverly Brooks and me. We went to school together from first grade. From 6th grade on, we spent each persons birthday together. From the time we could drive for the May, August and September birthdays, we went to Guntown Mountain or out to eat or something fun. Sometimes it would snow on Pearls birthday sometimes it wouldn't. (most often it didn't) and we would wonder if we would be able to have the sleepover until the very day. We drew names for Christmas between the four of us. We were always together. Within our little group, we had 2 sub groups too. Pearl and Sandy, Beverly and me. Bev's mom and my mom went to school together too.

When we graduated from high school and I went to nursing school our get-togethers were less. Then for many years, we had Christmas together and New Years Eve was spent at Sandy's for a big party. Now, unfortunately, we don't see each other except accidentally.

Beverly was the first to marry. We thought it would be Sandy for sure. Sandy was second, I was third and Pearl was last. She married a Logsdon, so she didn't have to change her last name. They are no kin by the way. Ancestors from different parts of the state. Of the four of us, none are divorced. Two of us have kids, two each, a boy and a girl for Beverly and for me and our daughters are firstborn. My kids are older by a few years. While Rick was sick, Sandy's husband was too. He had to have a liver transplant for liver failure. (idiopathic, not alcohol related). He almost died a couple of times, and still doesn't look well. He has survived almost 3 years post transplant.

Love thinking about the old days.  Makes me smile!

I love all y'all!
To be continued...........

Just me, Myra

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