Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three years ago today

Three years ago today I stayed home later to go by and get a hair cut. First time in almost 6 weeks that I didn't get to the hospital by 6. About 7:50 or so Teresa called me. He'd had quite a restless night and was having a bad morning. I called my nurse friend Sally and asked her to go stay with them until I could get there. He was having lots of trouble breathing and was struggling for every breath. We lost all the ground we had gained the previous days. Vent pressures and oxygen were maxed out as high as possible. Sedation was back on to help him breathe. My heart sank. Sandy and Tonya felt the need to stop by and stayed with us a while. It was good to have them with us! Didn't even have to post that he was worse. they just knew we needed support! It was heart breaking to lose all we had gained. Little did we know the next day would be his last.

I love all y'all!❤
To be continued......

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