Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's been five years

Five years ago last night I took my turn staying with my father-in-law at the hospital. He'd been diagnosed with lung cancer and there was nothing to be done. He went down hill seemingly overnight. By morning, he couldn't walk unassisted. Decisions were made by him and his kids- all of them. He wanted to go home. Arrangements were made for hospice and equipment that would be needed. By the time of this posting, he was home. Beverly and Melinda would stay the first night with him, I believe and they stayed until I relieved them around 4 pm on Saturday and Nick would come stay Saturday night with him. On Saturday His sisters Inez and Delta came for a long visit. He sat up and drank coffee and they talked for a long time. He had a great day. I got there somewhere around 4. He was leaned against the head of the bed still sitting on the side. He was sleeping. He'd been asleep just a short time. Nick got there about 5 and we had to lift him back in the bed, he was sleeping so soundly. He woke briefly but couldn't help us. He went back to sleep. Rick was in Owensboro at a conference. He called to check on him. About 7, his breathing changed. Nick noticed it first. I called the hospice nurse. There wasn't anything she felt to do. About another hour his breathing became what we call agonal- very shallow and slower. I decided to call the girls and Rick and Lester. Of course, I'm not able to predict the future and only God knows the hour of death but from my nursing experience I felt his time was near. I do this several times a year. (Have to tell families the time may be near). I know they felt I was over reacting and I told them I could be wrong but I really felt he wouldn't last much longer. I prayed Rick would have time to get there from Owensboro. He did. Most of the girls came too. Everyone who wanted to be there was and he slipped away around 10:30 pm Saturday night March 22. The next day would be Easter. And my moms birthday. He didn't have as much pain his last few days as he'd been having. He only took one pain pill right after the ambulance ride home. He didn't need anything to help him sleep, he didn't even need any extra breathing treatments. He was comfortable and we were all blessed that in his last hours there was no suffering. And we didn't know that in less than 2 years his firstborn would join him.
RIP Carlos and Rick. You can sip your coffee and talk gardens together in Heaven for an eternity! ❤

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