Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sitting here thinking about Rick.

I worked today. It was good and not good. First thing I needed to transfer someone to CRSH. I didn't want to go up there today. It's difficult to go there any day but especially today. I don't mean to be a baby about it; it's just difficult.

By this time 3 years ago the end was near. Family and dear friends were there. The room held as many as it could. The hallway was lined with others. Still others were at home waiting for word because of other obligations they couldn't be with us. The vent was gone. He just had oxygen to his trach. He appeared more comfortable than he had the entire 6 weeks prior.

It was so hard to sit there. I held his hand. Val held the other. Noots sang his song for him. "I'm a winner either way" and he was and there was not a dry eye in the room or hallway as Noots sang. I later found out the nurses all cried to.

It's been 3 years. I miss him like it was yesterday. He was everything to me.

I know lots of people miss him too. But he was my husband. I still hear him at night.

I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued.......

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