Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dallas! Gotta love it!!

So the second season of Dallas is in full swing. If you watched and loved every episode of the original series, you will love the 'new' Dallas too! It has just enough of the old mixed in with the new and it's addicting! You watch every second with great anticipation of the next scene! Last nights episode was totally dedicated to JR and Larry Hagman. Gary, Lucy, Mandy and Callie were at his memorial. Of course, Cliff Barnes showed up and made a scene. I can't wait for next week! Sly wasn't there and neither was Valene. But she was in the preview for Monday. I can't wait for what's next and I am anxious to learn 'Who Killed JR?'  He was, after all almost like family. We have 'known' JR 35 + years!!

John Ross is his fathers son. 'Tip to tail' as JR said to John Ross- one of his last words!

Watch if you dare!! You won't regret one second of it!!

On a different note; please remember Jeremy Priddy's family in your prayers. Today would have been his birthday. Their first birthday 'anniversary of' since he was taken from them! Please remember them!

I love all y'all!! ❤
To be continued!

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