Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just my opinion!

This can be somewhat controversial! Just a warning! Remember, my blog, my thoughts. Your comments are welcome, but be nice!

The shooting in Bowling Green this past week was very tragic. A well loved father of 3 little boys is now gone. His side of this tragedy will never be fully known. Sadder, his youngest will never know his father. It was obvious by the pictures that were posted he was a loving father and a very good man. It was also obvious he was very loved.

I hope he was on the phone with 911 before he pulled into that parking lot. We will never know why he pulled in there instead of trying to get away. His family needs our prayers for peace and comfort.

Now for the other side. I AM NOT taking either side in this. Please know that. Back 30+ years ago there was a bunch of us who used to hang out together after work around midnight for a couple hours. One was Tommy Brown. Others included Marie, Donna, Deb, Linda Sue, Jenny, Janet when she was in, Jamie, others occasionally joined us. Sometimes we drove around. Sometimes we hung out at Taco Bell. Tommy worked at Kirby's. He was very nice, a caring person. His girlfriend (now wife of many years) was in nursing school. His mom owned Betty's Flowers on Broadway. I can not imagine the guy we knew back then shooting someone for any reason. I do not know (because I haven't seen that Tommy since the early 80's) if this is the same man or not. If it is, I just can't imagine him doing this. Period. Obviously, it was done. The shooters' attorney says self-defense plain and simple. From the side we saw in the news it's very difficult to see self-defense. There was a post and picture on twitter with the shooter holding a gun on the young man and no movement from the truck. With this happening the time of day that it did, knowing how busy the bypass is, surely, surely someone saw something that can help. Hopefully Brandon was on the phone with 911 and his side is recorded. Hopefully the shooter is not the man we knew but another Tommy Brown. Twitter and Topix (I hate Topix- anonymous slander site) are in favor of the shooter being guilty of murder. We must wait for as much as can be known to be known before judgement is passed. Law may need a grand jury to decide.

Please pray for both families. Surely the shooter and his family are heart broken. I know the shooting victims family is heart broken and confused. Wondering why this had to happen. Prayer is key for their peace. If it is deemed self-defense, we will likely not be given details. It seems so unfair. Had I been the shooter, would I be sitting in a cell right now while the investigation continues or would I be free until the investigation is complete? I'm betting jail. I could be wrong but when I was a first responder I responded to a shooting - shooter claimed self defense and was taken to jail that night while the state police investigated. They may have had reasons I am unaware of. I was grateful that we were kept out of the law side of that one!

I think this may be enough for today. Remember if you comment here or on Facebook, be nice. No guilt or innocent judgements either place. No slander of either person. The shooting victim was obviously a good man. If its the Tommy we knew back when, back then he was a good man too. Hopefully the law will be just and certain with enough evidence of guilt or self-defense as claimed. Hopefully the evidence will be indisputable! Either way!

I love all y'all!❤
To be continued!

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