Monday, October 1, 2012

Make it a positive?

I am going to try a new thing. I am going to try to be positive about everything instead of looking at the negative of a given situation. I will start with the comments on a blog post I deleted a few weeks ago, I made a post commenting about the comments and how they felt negative and threatening. While I was so sure I knew who posted it, I have decided I might be wrong. Might have had nothing to do with what I thought because the style of the comments was so familiar, I thought I knew. Well, after last weekend and reading some emails from family, I have decided it might have been intended in a different manner. Might have been this family member making the comments. Only thing is, they hid their identity completely. So. If the person who sent the emails read my post about the comments, they didn't mention it. I remain unsure of the author of the posts but now I feel a bit better about it - feel less threatened. So, I will try this method and see how it goes.

I told Michelle I would be available to work today if she needed me, and she did and who didn't hear the phone? Me. Went in as soon as I got the message and I had a good day. It rained quite a bit this morning, which we need! :)

I got nothing else, so y'all have a great night, stay dry and know we need the rain. Please also remember your neighbors in your prayers, and if you're not my neighbor, remember my neighbors too. We have so much sickness going on in our community. We need your prayers.
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6
I love all y'all!
To be continued...........

4 days until WVFD Hay Ride and Haunted House!!
30 days until Halloween!
51 days until Thanksgiving!

84 days until Christmas!

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  1. Good Luck on staying positive. It can be a challenge at times. But, my guess is that you are not really one to be too negative in the first place.