Monday, October 15, 2012

In Remembrance

Today is October 15 - Remembrance Day for all those babies who were lost during pregnancy or as an infant. Between Valarie and Nicholas, Rick and I lost 4 babies. I had actually given up having a second child. I have written about this before. The anniversary of the first loss is next month. Sometimes it is more difficult than others. The first and perhaps most difficult loss was in 1986. It is always with me. Most of the time you wouldn't know. I have friends who also lost babies during that time frame. We never talk about it, though we always know we can if we need to.

There was a co-worker who gave me a book that helped tremendously during that first loss. It helped me understand all the feelings I was experiencing. 

I am OK, no worries. It is just part of life, part of what has made me -- me.

Please continue to remember the Priddy and Wolf families in your prayers.

The above poem also helped me through those times.... and after.  :)

I love all y'all! 
To be continued.............

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