Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's just my opinion......

So, in between my naps today, I was reading posts on Facebook. I found one post that had my sis in law buying gasoline at Walmart in Glasgow for $3.05/gallon. Then, I find Rick's cousin, Jade, who lives in Oklahoma is buying gas for $2.98/gallon. And here in Bowling Green and the surrounding area what are we paying? $3.40's per gallon. Now, when you look at the profit made by the oil companies I have to wonder many things. One is how can they (big oil) keep charging these prices and publicly  posting profit in the billions while we (average Americans) are going deeper and deeper in the hole.

The free online dictionary has profit as:
prof·it  (prft)n.1. An advantageous gain or return; benefit.
2. The return received on a business undertaking after all operating expenses have been met.
3.a. The return received on an investment after all charges have been paid. Often used in the plural.
b. The rate of increase in the net worth of a business enterprise in a given accounting period.
c. Income received from investments or property.
d. The amount received for a commodity or service in excess of the original cost.
v. prof·it·edprof·it·ingprof·itsv.intr.1. To make a gain or profit.
2. To derive advantage; benefit: profiting from the other team's mistakes. See Synonyms at benefit.
While Merriam-Webster has profit as:

Definition of PROFIT
1:  a valuable return : gain
2: the excess of returns over expenditure in a transaction or series of transactions; especially : the excess of the selling price of goods over their cost
3: net income usually for a given period of time
4: the ratio of profit for a given year to the amount of capital invested or to the value of sales
5: the compensation accruing to entrepreneurs for the assumption of risk in business enterprise as distinguished from wages or rent
 noun, often attributive \ˈprä-fət\

It is my opinion that big oil could half the price of gasoline and still make plenty of profit!  Lets say big oil made 15 billion dollars in profit for one year. Cut that in half - it's still 7.5 billion and we could pay under $2 per gallon of gasoline. There is no reason except greed for the price to be what it is. You can disagree if you want. That is why we are America! I happen to believe this to be true!! I see no reason except greed that dictates why they have to have such high profit margins. AND I was being conservative when I said per year. I believe their profit is reported in quarters.

My family and I have a few oil wells on property we inherited when my uncle passed away. The shares of the well are divided by 5 (my dad, my 3 brothers and I). Some little oil company in mid KY has the contract to it. I haven't a clue how it works and I have tried to get answers to no avail. I know they come in and out of there a few times a year. My last oil check (only one for 2011) was like $65.00.  Now we all got the same amount. Doesn't even pay the electricity for the year to run the pump.  Somewhere out there is someone who can get the prices back to an affordable rate. Minimum wage is $7.25/hr. One hours work will barely buy two gallons of gasoline at current prices. What does the government think is going to happen? I am certain they don't care! If they did, there would be a change.

I guess this is enough on this soap box.

I am thankful I have a job to go to, I am thankful I have only 15 miles one way to drive. A few years ago I had 84.

By the way, the snot, cough, nausea, fever, chills, hot flashes continue. I have had saltines for breakfast and lunch. Hopefully, I will feel better by tomorrow. I have to work Thursday and Friday. then Off the weekend.

Please continue to remember the Priddy and Wolf families in your prayers. Remember our church too. Revival has started.

I love all y'all!
To be continued...........

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