Monday, October 22, 2012

My Bubba is 3 today!

My Bubba
Three years ago last night, Val told me something was wrong after supper and she needed to go to the hospital. I told Rick I was taking her to Labor and Delivery to be checked. They monitored her for a couple of hours and around 10 pm told her she was not in labor and she could go home. They went out to get her paperwork. She was upset. She said: "Mom, something is wrong. I don't want to go home!" She still had the fetal monitor on (really good thing), and I noticed the heart rate seemed to really drop with a light contraction. Several nurses came running in and said "you are staying!" They then explained what had just happened. They threw in an IV really fast and got her ready. Someone brought in Bubba's dad and they did another ultrasound. We didn't know for sure yet if we had a boy or another girl. That night we found out he was a he. They gave her a sleeping pil and said it would be a while. I went home.
3 years ago today Perry Dale Suttle, Jr. was born. 
Fairly early, the next morning Dale called. We went straight to the hospital. I noticed Rick was very quiet, but he said he was just tired. I got to be in with her when Bubba was born. (I was there for all 3!) After he was born, Rick came in the room for a few minutes, he wasn't acting like himself. We went to breakfast at Barnyard Cafe shortly after that.
Just a few days old
Not long after this photo was taken, we got the news about Rick. He never got to know our "little man" They would have been best buddy's now.  He would be helping Papaw out in the garden. I'd bet they would match each other step for step. 

Baby's First Christmas
Santa came to our house the weekend after Rick got out of the hospital after the brain surgery. Mrs Claus was with him. It was a good visit. Tobi was afraid of them! She was only one.

Bubba had to go to the ER when he was about a year old. He touched the stove at Nana's. 
I was surprised with his burned hand, there weren't many tears. He was always a pretty good boy. For a boy anyway! 

Believe it or not, there is no scar from this burn. Bubba still knows he shouldn't touch the stove. 
about 2, licking the spatula. Sweet boy!

2 years old
Funny face. Enjoying watermelon summer 2012
Photo: Happy third birthday Perry! Gamma loves you Bubba!
Perry is 3 today!
Gamma's boy is three now. He runs to me and won't turn me loose every time I go up to see them. He is my boy. Happy Birthday Bubba!!! Gamma loves you!!

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