Friday, October 12, 2012

My heart still aches tonight

Tonight I watched the memorial video Jeremy's family had made. It is beautiful, the pictures they chose and the music seem to flow together to tell the story of Jeremy Priddy. He was a good kid who didn't deserve what was handed to him. We can pray for peace and comfort for his parents, siblings, family and friends. We can ask the Almighty God in Heaven to please, please help the law find, prosecute and punish appropriately the perpetrator of this horrific crime. I know we all have to face loss and the death of loved ones at some time or another. I know this. It is part of life. I just have a difficult time understanding sometimes. I know, we aren't meant to understand some things. This is one. I posted the link to Jeremy's video tribute on facebook or go to

Also please remember our neighborhood in your prayers. One of our neighbors (and her family) has been battling her cancer and another neighbor told me tonight that difficult decisions have had to be made. I know the difficulty in making those decisions and my heart aches for them.  Please remember them in your prayers as well. There is no place to stop. Really.

As I write this, in my heart I am hearing the One Who can help whisper those words of comfort He whispered to me so many times.... "trust Me"

Oh, how I am trying to.

This time three years ago, I was a little worried about Rick. He was working at the fire department every Friday and Saturday night, hauling folks on the hayride to and from the haunted house. He was extra quiet each night. I would ask him if he was OK, he would try to reassure me. Little did I know that in about six weeks a long, difficult journey would begin....

This is all for tonight.
I love all y'all
To be continued...........

Instead of a quote from the scriptures, I post this tonight. It is from a Facebook page of Mark Brown. Now, I don't agree with everything this man says by a long shot, but I do know things his pages have posted have helped me many, many times over the past 3 years.


Good night. Remember, pray!


  1. I watched the video also, it is a wonderful tribute. It is just so hard to believe this has happened.

  2. It is! As was your tribute to them in your blog post. I just can not even imagine what Vonnie and Jeff are going through. I pray for comfort for them! I know you do too!