Monday, March 26, 2012

Pet Peeves!

Well, today made me think about a few things that are real pet peeves I have! The drive in to work sometimes makes me want to see red. Shew!

Pet Peeve number one:
Pull out in front of a car and stop. This makes me want to run into the person who did it. At least go the speed limit as quickly as you can. My goodness, if there are four lanes and you want to drive 40 mph in at 55 zone, get in the right lane. If you want to make a left turn 5 miles on down the road (or even one mile) you have PLENTY of time to get back in the left lane. You don't need to hold ten cars back just so you can drive 45 in the left lane.

Pet Peeve number two:
Use your turn signals. They were made for a reason. That reason is to signal which way you are gonna go.

Pet Peeve number three:
I can't write this one. I don't want to get in trouble.

Pet Peeve number four:
If you are waiting to board an elevator, please wait for the passengers to exit BEFORE you try to board it :)

Pet Peeve number five:
I know I may make people mad at this one, I don't mean to, many, many people I love most on this earth smoke. I know smokers "rights" have been cut on til there aren't many left. But what you guys need to remember is many people don't smoke and some of us are allergic to the smoke. And just walking through where someone has just smoked makes me cough for a couple of hours. Smoking near entrances of major buildings, like Walmart, Kroger, other shopping areas really choke some of us up. I hate to go places anymore because I can't breathe for a while afterwards.....if I have to choose my breathing over your right to smoke, I am going to choose breathing. Sorry. I really don't want to make anyone mad. Just wanted to get it off my chest. I had to walk an extra half block to my car tonight to stay out of the path of smoke on a "no smoking" campus.

I did not list some of these pet peeves to make anyone mad. I just wanted to get them off my chest so to speak. Remember, if you don't like what I write you have the right not to read it. That is the joy of a blog. I get to write down what I want to about any topic I decide. And the feelings are mine. You are welcome to comment, just be nice.

I still love all y'all. Even those who smoke!
To be continued...............

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