Sunday, September 11, 2011

couldn't be 3 in a row!

It certainly isn't quiet here tonight! I was met at the door by a most handsome young man saying "Hi Gamma!" he's my boy!

Well, where were you 10 years ago today? I was working at Baptist, wasn't a manager just yet, but I was kinda like a critical care supervisor. We no longer had house supervisors, but our director made the CCU charge nurse and myself alternating "supervisors" of her areas and taught us to schedule and help with payroll which would help me a few months later when I became a manager. I digress. I was making rounds in critical care, had just left the medical ICU and went into the CCU. They had the TV on at the nurse's station (a no-no) but I could see what was on, they said, 'don't say anything to us' I said what is going on, is that the twin towers with one on fire? They informed me they thought a plane had run into one. I asked them if it was an accident or on purpose. They said it was unclear at that point. We were watching and talking at the same time and just as we were discussing this, we watched that second plane fly into the second tower. We knew. We all just looked at each other, cried, felt anguish, fear, worry, many other feelings I am sure most of the nation was feeling. We were also given a directive by the mayor and governor to ensure we had at least 5 critical care beds that could be made available if they were needed because we were near a major airport with quick flight time from NY. We made the beds but by noon we were able to release them as it was determined they would not be needed. I will never, ever forget.

I worked today, it was a good day. I love my job, I may complain sometimes, but I really do love it.

We are on another countdown now. Pretty soon, WVFD will be having our annual hay ride and haunted house. It will begin the second weekend in October and run every Friday and Saturday night through October 29. Rides begin at dark. I am unsure of the closing time, previous years, it closed when there were no more riders. There is a new room this year, it will be very exciting and scary! We have a great haunted house! The firefighters and friends work very hard on making it one of the best. We have been told every year we are better than many haunted houses in 100 miles! Food will also be available for purchase at the fire department. Bring a sweater or jacket, it might be cool on the hayride to the haunted house.

I think this will be all for tonight.
Luke 6:31: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
I love y'all!
To be continued............

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