Monday, September 26, 2011

and he arrived 21 years ago today

This is Nick's 21st birthday. It is hard to believe he could be that old, or I would be old enough to have a 25.5 year old and a 21 year old and 3 grandbabies! :)

Speaking of grandbabies, my Tobi ran up to me the other night when I got home from work and said "what we got here Gamma?" looking at my sandwich I brought home for supper after working all day. So she and I shared my chicken sandwich. She is so big. She will be 3 years old October 14. Can't believe that either. She was Papaw's girl for sure!

Tobi and Papaw just a couple
months before the tumor....

Y'all know we won! We got the speed limit raised to 45! I was hoping for 55, but I will settle with what we got! I think all the speeding tickets should be thrown out too! I wonder how to go about that? I didn't get one, but it is only because I happened to see just in the nick of time! When you pass "the house" and if they are outside smile and wave! :)

Love each other, remember each other in prayer!

I love y'all!
To be continued............

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