Friday, September 2, 2011

You know me, randomness!

58 days until Halloween...

83 Days until Thanksgiving!

113 days until Christmas Day!
Just in case you need updating.......

Whew! I just got home from work, had a peanut butter sandwich for supper and talked to Nick a little on his way home. I am kinda tired, it was a very busy day! I helped out a friend who helped me yesterday! So, we must pay back you know! I like peanut butter sandwiches for supper sometimes. I can't believe it is this late!

On my way home I listened to the last few seconds of ECHS Wildcat Football! GO CATS!!! They won tonight, beat the *Swampies in overtime! *nickname for Grayson Co. since I was in high school. It was in overtime and we won by one point!! I know Coach Pierce is so happy to have the win and Coach Alexander is very happy to have the tobacco stick back at EC and painted blue! It had been orange for 2 years!

I love my new bed. The mattress is so comfortable, I have not been sore either morning since I got it. The old mattress was so awful my back hurt for hours every morning! YAY! And my friend Norma gave me a new set of 600 thread count sheets 100% cotton and are they so soft! YAY! I love them! I might have to get more of those! So soft, like sleeping on a cloud!

Well, I think this is all for tonight, gonna have to set the TV ahead for the night and try to sleep. Waiting for the insurance adjuster to come by so we can clean up the mess. I don't know what is next in that regard. I hate the loss but am grateful no one was hurt! It sure was hot!! I am looking forward to Monday and temps in the 70's!

If you live in or near EC tomorrow is the EC Homecoming starting at 9am in front of the courthouse. I think it will be a hot one! Lots of good music, craft booths, and I am sure other stuff! I plan to be there!

Have a great night y'all!
Have a great weekend!
I love y'all!

To be continued.................

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