Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

So this morning I woke up with a "startle" it was way too light for where I needed to be.....checked the clock and it was 7:15 am. Should have been at work 15 minutes ago. Oh, DEAR!! I phoned into work, told Pam what was going on, and that I would be there ASAP! I was there by 8am thanks to Nicholas. April gave report to a resource nurse so she didn't have to stay. So my 2011 work year started with a bang so to speak. I really didn't get too flustered though. I just got there, got report from Larry and went on about my day. It was a pretty good day all in all. A few people teased me for being late. Hey, only the third time in 32 years and the second was just a couple months ago. The first time was way back in the eighties, I guess I had traded a day with someone and didn't remember. I was about an hour late because I was on my way to the lake when they called me to see where I was. This morning no one had called ~ I beat them to it I guess. I am always there by 7am, I don't know where they thought I was. I have tried to "fix" my cell alarm several times today, it acts like it will work but then when the time comes, it doesn't alarm. I have no clue what is wrong with it. I had to go back to the old fashioned alarm clock for tomorrow. I am a bit gun shy about it though!

It looked so warm outside today, but I understand it was pretty cool! I think it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I wish I could just stay home all the time. I really would love it! Anyway. I need to be asleep, I wish I was sleepy! Guess it was the extra sleep this morning, LOL!

I missed breakfast at Nana's this morning. I really wish I didn't have to work weekends. I didn't get to go to church tonight either. Don't get home in time to go to the night services, and of course miss the day service when I work weekends. Every time we have a 5th weekend it changes the weekend off/on cycle. With church being on the 1st and 3rd weekend right now I work, but guess what, there is a 5th weekend this month so in February I get to go back, that is until there is another 5th weekend.

I need to be thinking about taking my vacation time for the year. If I don't request early, I might not get what I would like off, so I must request soon! Maybe I can do that tomorrow! I would like to be off April 21 through 28, my brother who lives in Ohio and his family will likely be home during that time. I would like to be able to spend a little time with them. Seems like I work nearly every day they are here every time they come "home". I also am wondering about the rest of the year, it will be my July 4th to work this year. Don't know right now if I will be working the weekend before or not, July 3rd would have been Rick and my anniversary. It would have been 26 years this year. I hope I am off that weekend. I may have to request it off if I have to work, don't know if I can work that day or not. I am doing OK I think, I still cry easily, I don't know what is normal and I don't know if there even is a normal for this.

Just 21 days............

In 12 days our firstborn will turn 25 years old. Hummm. I am old. Happy Birthday Punkin Head!

To be continued..........

I love y'all!

I love the Psalms!

Psalm 57
5 Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let Thy glory be above all the earth.

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