Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another day............

So when I came home from work tonight, this beautiful little girl was ready to play! I had not really seen her in 2 days because she is usually asleep when I get home from work. She met me at the door and had to lay down in Gamma's bed. Of course, she only wanted to play. I let her play for about an hour, then Val put her to bed. She can climb out of the bed now.

This is Aunt Bonita with Rick. It was taken last year at her surprise birthday party. Rick worked hard along with some other good folks to pull off the surprise. They did a great job! They started planning long before we found the tumor. He stayed well long enough to be able to attend. It would be less than two weeks after that party that he would make his final trip to the hospital.

I would not take anything for this picture. He loved her so much!

Friday is Valarie's birthday. She will be 25 years old. I can not believe she could be that old! I ordered her a Tigger cake. Tigger is still her favorite!

I love you all.
To be continued..............

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