Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Rick's surgery. I have some anxious feelings going on right now. I have memories of last year all those hours of waiting and good friends and Rick's family around. I don't know how we could have made it without them. There were other families there, I have no idea what they were there for, and I am sure they had no idea what we were there for. I am very thankful for all our friends. We are truly blessed. I thank God that each and every one who was with us in body and in thoughts and prayers were with us that day and all the days since. We knew our friends and family were praying, we could feel the strength from those prayers. Rick always said since the tumor was discovered whichever way it went was alright with him. He was a winner either way. That is why that song is so special to us. He sang it several times a day up until he could no longer sing. And I am sure he sang it in his heart up until the last breath left his body. And Noots sang it for him that night he left us. And Noots sang it for him the day we laid him to rest. Noots sang it the last time I was at church. I cried. I cried because I know he was right. He was truly a winner. And as you can see from the smile on his face, he was not afraid. Not from the first day. His spot in the garden was his assurance that he would have a place in Heaven when this life was over. And that still small voice keeps reassuring me to "trust Me" on a regular basis. I know that I have to trust Him. I know that He didn't take Rick to harm me, He has plans that we don't know about (see Jeremiah 29:11). And we have to have the faith of Daniel in the lion's den (see Daniel 6th chapter) and the faith of the 3 men in the fire and trust God with our very existence (see the book of Daniel, chapter 3). He will provide.

I love you all.
This post is not intended to make anyone cry or solicit sympathy, remember this blog is intended for me to have a place to write about my feelings concerning the illness and death of my husband. I know I ramble on with many other posts, but today I am back to the intention of the blog because of the time of the year.

To be continued............

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