Monday, November 8, 2010

November good and bad

November has many good things about it. Thanksgiving comes in November. Thanksgiving has always been a very much celebrated holiday around my family. My papaw James loved "turkey day" and always wanted to buy the turkey that my mom would cook and sometimes mammaw would cook so we would go there. He always bought twice as much turkey as we needed but that was papaw. He was a James and you just don't argue with a James! I remember so many times going to their house, climbing up in his lap while he peeled a yellow delicious apple for me with his pocket knife and let me throw the peeling on the fire burning in the fireplace. The coal would crackle, the apple peeling would scent up the room. Such sweet memories!

So, other good things in November my baby brother Douglas Lee was born November 2, as was Uncle Lelan and his daughter Pauletta; my great nephew Jonas was born in November. Rick was born in November too. He would have been 63 this year. On his birthday this year, my family will come here for breakfast. Doug and his family will still be here from Thanksgiving. My friend Sandy has a birthday November 18. My cousin Donna has a birthday November 12. My sister in law Janice has a birthday November 26.

November has sad memories for me too. Monday November 9, 1981 my Papaw James died from complications from bleeding ulcers. November 22, 1984 (Thanksgiving night that year) my Aunt Val (who my daughter is named for) died from heart problems. Thursday November 17, 1994 my mammaw James died from complications from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Monday November 23, 2009 Rick was diagnosed with a "mass" in his brain. You know the rest of that story.

I love the Thanksgiving through Christmas season, I love to remember what the holidays stand for. I love this time of year. But it is always bittersweet. This year it will begin a new anniversary for us. It will add a new chapter to our lives. It begins marking the annual "anniversary of's" that will always be a part of us forevermore.

The other day I thought maybe I had grown some by the grace of God. A few days later I learned I had a lot more growing to do! I hope I can continue to grow, a little at a time and keep moving forward without taking too many steps back! I ask y'all to remember me and my family when you pray that we may continue to grow in His grace, that we may continue to remember Rick with love, miss him and never, ever forget what he stood for. We will try our best to remember you our friends and family who have stood by us through all of this. We love you all.

To be continued.......

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