Saturday, June 26, 2010

♥ This is a difficult week!

In one week we would have had an awesome party. We were planning to renew our vows and spend many more years together. However, God had other plans for us. Though I still don't know my part in God's plan for this, I do know He will help me through it! This has been a difficult summer actually, many things have been put in front of me and my family and God has chosen to bring us through everything a little wiser. This man you see here on this page was the kindest, most gentle man you could ever know. He could also have the worst temper you could ever see....but so could I if I wanted to! We would have an argument over something silly, and I always wanted to settle it right away and he would want his space. We would always work it out in the end.

Valarie and Nicholas have been here for me during this time, sometimes I think though that they believe I can't take care of myself or something. I tell them I will handle something or the other and they want to take care of it instead. Finally, though, I think I have convinced them that I can take care of myself.

I went for a checkup with Dr. Phillips on Tuesday. He called me Friday to let me know my labs were good. I really appreciate all he has done for both me and Rick over the years. Rick went to him after the tumor was diagnosed, just to let him know what was going on. He had tears in his eyes. We have been going to him for many years. When Rick got saved in the garden, he told Dr. Phillips about that too. He had tears in his eyes then too!

This weekend is a traditional weekend that Rick and I would go camping at Barren River with some really great people, and this year Nick and I went up. It was hard to be there without Rick, but we got to see some friends we haven't seen in a while. We were in the very same spot we were in the past 2 years. We did come home a day early, though because it was thundering, and Nick is going with Brooke's parents to see her at U of L tomorrow. Love all y'all lots!

I think this is all for tonight.

To be continued......

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