Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

I went to the cemetery today to spend part of Father's Day with Rick. When I got there to my surprise the wreath you see to the left which I placed on Rick's grave on Memorial Day was missing as were the red roses someone had placed on his grave and the flowers Teresa placed there on Friday. I looked all over the cemetery. The wreath is not there. The grave next to Rick is his Aunt Delta. She had a wreath of pink roses and another wreath, those are not there either, but I don't know if her family removed those or not. I only know I didn't remove mine. That wreath was the wreath sent to his funeral by Aunt Bonita. I saved it for early summer. I have another I had saved to use closer to late summer/fall and I am afraid to place anything on his grave now. Is there some rule I didn't know about? Do they not allow wreaths? Nobody told me if they don't. They could have let me pick it up and bring it back home instead of throwing it away. I haven't stopped crying yet. My heart actually hurts. Those flowers were there for a reason. I love Rick even if he is gone. The flowers Teresa placed on their mom and dads graves and their baby brother are all still there, the ones she placed on Ricks are gone too. I just don't understand.

On another note, we had homecoming at Miller Hill today. Lots of food, brought lots back home. No one left hungry, as usual. I would like to thank my friend Paula for covering call for me today from 1000 to 3pm so I could attend service. That was so very nice of her. I owe her lots. There was an empty spot in the bass section today where Rick always stood. He always said he "couldn't sing a lick but he would try because that was what the Lord wanted. And it is much easier to get into the service if you are in the circle" I am still having trouble being in the building where I last saw him let alone stand where or close to where he laid. I am trying to get over that but all I can do is cry. But you don't spend nearly 25 years married to someone and 26 years together and not miss them--unless you don't have a heart I think. In 13 days from today we would have been married 25 years. There was a lot of what I thought at the time difficult times between us, but we always worked it out. Those are just vague memories now. It was Rick and Myra a little longer than it was just Myra. Can't say that about him, he was older than me! It was the first homecoming service we were at there about 7 years ago. Nick had been saved a little over a year. After dinner, we went back inside the church for singing and prayer, Nick testified after the song "I Hold a Clear Title" and Rick did his leg slap, a sure sign he felt the Lord. That was what he did every time! Uncle Lelan was still the pastor then. I will never forget that testimony. That connected to my heart.

That is all for today.

To be continued..........
"Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) In case you did not know I love the Psalms, the songs of King David

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