Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love hummingbirds!

So, I have enjoyed watching hummingbirds since the very first one I saw feeding on my mother's 4 O'clocks that grew along side of our home when I was just a small child. I thought I could catch one. Right! They are so very tiny, dainty, almost angel-like in ways. Maybe it is their delicate nature.

Have you ever watched hummingbirds? The males are tiny, aggressive little things. They lie in wait watching "their" feeder. When another bird comes near, he swoops down and attacks. Sometimes they go straight up in the air, dive down and fly up again. Their little needle-like beaks do a sort of sword fight. Then they fly their separate ways. The females take advantage of this time and get their meal at this time.

Have you ever seen a male court his female? It is amazing. He will see her perched on a limb, then he will fly to her and begin a "U" shaped flight/dance, making several swoops. He also makes chirping noises as he flies. Then if she likes him, they will fly straight up and dive down together, very similar to the above but without the sword/beak fight. I have yet to find a nest though. I would love very much to see a nest maybe even with babies in it.

Rick enjoyed sitting on the porch or deck with me and watching the hummingbirds. He bought me several feeders over the years, helped hang them, but he never helped fill them! He would tell me when my feeders were empty though. The birds tell me that too, they will come peer into the kitchen window and hover. I know to look at the feeders for food.

Another thing he liked to do was go for long drives. We took many trips to the Amish down in Allen County near Perrytown Road. There is a little girl there, Sharlot, who really thought Rick was all of it! She liked that every time he went down there he would bring her gummie bears! (sugar free, of course!) Her dad, Sam, owns a greenhouse and produce stand. Rick went there every spring for plants. He took Brother David and his wife Betty down there. They have been back several times. Sam and Rick bonded. Rick's surgeon and Sam's surgeon were the same. Sam had colon cancer, hopefully cured 3 years ago by surgery. He has two other daughters, twins. They are very cute little girls. Sams wife is very nice too. We have been in their home several times. Rick went to tell them about the brain cancer when he found out about it. He took Sharlot and her sisters little gifts to remember him by. We got a letter from Sam and his wife a couple of weeks ago. Sharlot does not understand why Rick hasn't been back to see her. Brother David went to tell Sam about Rick's death for me. He cried. Sam talks about the Lord just like Rick did. I truly believe we will see Sam in Heaven!

You know, when I was a small child, we were taught only a "few" will be in Heaven. Some interpreted that to mean just one religion. I do not feel that way. I know there are differences in the way different religions believe. The only requirement to get into heaven is to be "born again." And I have been. And Rick was in his garden. I was there when Nick was saved. I was with Valarie shortly after she got saved. (I had to work that day). I believe that is how you get to Heaven, it is in the Bible. God said so. I trust Him. He has never led me wrong. He has never left me. I leave Him from time to time. When I look, He is right there where I left Him, looking at me, welcoming me back. There was a facebook status that asked: "If you and God are not as close as you once were, who moved?" I know that answer. I did!

The one thing I do know is the bible says:
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast.
And it says:
I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6

I know that every person who has been saved will all be together in Heaven. I know I will be there I know Rick will be there. I know my children will be there. For that I am eternally grateful. I also know from a promise I received from the Lord that my grandchildren will be there. Rick believed in salvation from the Lord. If you don't have it, please find a church somewhere and hear the word of God, ask Him to save your soul, have faith and believe. Live what you believe.There is a saying on facebook right now something like: Going to church does not make anyone a christian any more that going to a garage makes someone a car. How true. If you really have it, you will live it at some point. If you have it and don't live it, think of all the people you could help if you lived it. Think of all the explaining we will have to do on Judgment Day. Actually, we will have no excuse. I don't live it like I should. I do live it better than I did before Rick got saved. But I will have no defense for all the missed opportunities. I do not deserve the Grace of God. But He is so gracious and forgiving. I have a lot to learn.

I love you all.

To be continued.......

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