Thursday, June 10, 2010

And our story continues......

We always wanted a flagpole in the yard, we just never got around to it. Nick and I bought a flagpole back in late winter. When I got home this afternoon, Nick had the flagpole in place. He put it exactly where I wanted it! Thanks Nick. I do love you Bubby.

With the 4th of July less than a month away, I am reminded of a funny story. Every year, we spend the 4th (sometimes not exactly on the day but whenever we celebrate it) with our friends and neighbors just up the road. Sandy and Jerry have a picnic cookout get together with their family and we are lucky enough to be included in that. A couple of years ago, we were getting ready to eat, fixing cokes, tea etc and Rick picked up a 2 liter bottle of diet coke to pour himself a glass of coke. Well, he picked it up and somehow the bottle collapsed on him and he dropped it on the floor. Coke was spewing everywhere. He was a bit flustered and a bit embarrassed by what had happened. After all, coke was spewing all over Sandy's kitchen table, floor, Rick, you name it and it was going there. I was cracking up. Sandy, Jerry and others in the room didn't know what to do. Now, if you know Sandy you know you don't touch her Strawberry Towels hanging up to clean up a mess with. Rick reached for one of those, she said NO not that and he said "well give me something!" He was panicked. That made me crack up more. He then said "it's not funny!" You should have seen the look on the Miller's faces! They thought he was serious. I laughed harder! Then he got tickled and everyone laughed then. He cleaned up the mess and Sandy made him a "sippy cup" That was a running joke for everything we did together after that!

Last year, Rick was not feeling well, he ate but he left before the fireworks started. Looking back there were several signs that something was terribly wrong, but nothing "concrete" that you could say what it was. I made him go to the doctor several times, but his exam was always OK.

About 3 years ago, we decided that we would both join the fire department. He would become a certified fire fighter and I would be a first responder. Nick was not of age yet, and he could be a Jr. fire fighter. Rick took fire fighter training, I took some of it with him. I took and passed a first responder class. Our department probably has 2 or 3 to 1 medical to fire runs. He would always go with me to the medical runs because he did not want me to be alone in houses where we didn't know the people. For the most part, I really didn't need him to be there, but there were a few occasions I was very glad he was there. I really can't describe those here because of confidentiality. Yep, even fire fighters and first responders must maintain that confidential information they receive about people's medical conditions. So, no we don't go around gossiping with our friends about the houses we go in or people's private business. Just remember though, when we are dispatched to anything suspicious, the law is also dispatched at the same time!

Rick and I (along with WVFD members of course) have worked a shooting, many MVA's (both minor and major), medical runs, chest pains, abdominal pain, respiratory distress, among other things. That shooting was really bad. It bothered me to no end. I still think about that. No details here, but it bothered me in that one human being could actually do that to another human being! Whether or not it was meant to be done or an accident is left up to others to judge!

We both had over 100 hours of training when he got sick. Our plans were to finish before this spring. He loved serving on the department.

The last 8 years before he died Rick was a gentle, kind, loving man. But he did have a temper at times. he would say, "so and so loves me" if we were arguing about something, and I would say, I love you too, but so and so does not live with you! He would laugh then and most of the time it would be OK.

Right now, I don't know when the next post will be, it may be tomorrow night then it may be a few nights. I have summed up the last 26 years in 10 or 12 posts. I am sure there are many more "stories" like the one above, and some that would curl your hair that happened before he was saved. While they are all in the past, those stories from prior to 8 years ago will stay forever in only my memory . Most of them don't seem to even be as bad as they felt like they were back then. Not that I am being selfish, it is just that those things were forgiven him in May 2002 out in our garden. He made many amends with people over the years. There is no reason to bring them up here.

Know that Rick loved the Lord with all his heart. Know that one day if you are ready to meet the Lord on that great day of judgment, we will see him again and all go to Heaven for eternity. If you are not ready to meet the Lord, just know that there is a way to find Him. It is on you knees, it does not have to be in a church. Rick found Him in his garden and he would want you to be ready. Get there! Don't put it off. Remember eternity is a VERY long time. Amazing Grace says, "when we've been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun we've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun." When we have been in Heaven ten thousand years and it is as if we just begun the sinners in hell will have been there that long too.....pray for your friends and neighbors who do not know the Lord!

I love you all. To be continued.........

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