Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm A Winner Either Way by Bird Youmans

Well, Rick loved this song so much! This fella sings it well, and there is music, Noots is his favorite singing it, no video of him however. Noots sang this several times for Rick at church and sang it for him that night he left us and one last time at the funeral. Rick's sisters love this song too, and Norma.


  1. Rick truly was a winner. He said it many times after the tumor was found! He said, whatever the good Lord has in store for me I am ready and don't you cry for me. If I go, I'm in a better place and I will see you all again! Can't help it though.

  2. When Noots sang this song for Rick in the hosp. there was not a dry eye around. It was so pretty and very touching.