Sunday, August 19, 2012


As I was growing up, some of my first memories are with my cousins Donna Smith Hyatt and her sister Debbie. We grew up together, played together, fussed together. There were times when people thought Deb and I looked more like sisters than Donna and Deb. We have great grandparents in common. Our fathers are the same generation in our family as are we.

Our great grandparents Al and Eliza Beth James
Many times when we would go to Bowling Green, we would swing by and Donna, Deb and Jean would go with us. Mom was not comfortable driving in BG, so Jean would drive. We used to sing cute songs on our way. One was the blackbird song. We would tell stories. As I wrote in a previous blog, one of the first places I spent the night was at their house, Jean had to rock me to sleep--I got homesick. We played Barbies -- I had Barbie and they had Skipper and Scooter.

After my Baptizing, we went over to their house. They were a lot like sisters to me rather than cousins. Our dads were first cousins. Donna and I were in the same nursing school class. Before I went to high school, I spent my "freshman day" in the eighth grade with Donna (she was a freshman).  Lewis and Jean stood up with my parents when my parents married. Jean was about 3 months along with Donna.

Jean never missed an opportunity to teach us girls about growing up without our even knowing that was what she was doing. Life lessons. She led by example and she will be missed.

Donna and Donny Hyatt
Jean Smith Debbie Smith
My heart is heavy tonight as I learned of Jean's death. She was a sweetheart, loved everyone she met. She will be missed! She is at rest now and one day we will see her again.
               Matthew 5
                Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 

I love all y'all
To be continued............

Don't forget to pray!

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